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About the Artist

Artist Statement

Pin-Ling Huang was born in 1986 in Hsin-Chu Taiwan. Graduated from Taipei University of the Arts in 2009, and obtained the DNSAP from Beaux-Arts de Paris in 2014. She uses oil paints as a painting material. Her paintings focus on the theme of the landscape of the inner world in her mind.   

Huang creates poetic landscape paintings by gathering and weaving together small fragments of his experiences and memories. These works depict the emotional landscapes born from his prolonged separation from his homeland, Taiwan, due to studying abroad. Through this, he reflects on his connection with his hometown and reexamines his relationship with the external world (society). Utilizing numerous sketchbooks as a foundation, he navigates between the past and present, capturing overlooked details and layering them onto the canvas. The resulting images are characterized by gentle hues, textures, and the traces of the brush, collectively forming a distinctive world. The ever-changing landscapes, influenced by perspective, evoke a sense of nostalgia and comfort for the viewer.


During her stay in France, her works were selected for the ‘Jeune Création’ award in Paris in 2012. Her first abroad solo exhibition ‘Piece of Peace’ was held in Prague in 2013. And her graduation solo show ‘Lonely Land’ was held in Beaux-Arts de Paris in 2014. In 2015, she had a solo exhibition ‘Somewhere Else’ in the gallery in Paris. Her first solo exhibition in Japan ‘ Dust of Mind’ was held in Tokyo in 2017. She also had a solo exhibition ‘Dreams Rise From the River Surface’ in Tokyo in 2021. She participated in several exhibitions in Taiwan and abroad. Also, had the experiences of Artist-in-Residence in Korea and France. Her work was also collected by the National Museum of Fine Arts in Taiwan.   


She is currently working and living in Japan, in an art residency at the Koganecho Area Management Center in Yokohama. 

黃品玲 (ピンリン‧ホワン ) 1986年台湾、新竹生まれ。現在横浜市在住。2009 国立台北芸術大学卒業、專攻絵画。2014 エコールデボザール(フランス国立高等美術学校)大学院修士課程修了。ホワンは自身のこれまでの体験や記憶の小さな断片を拾い集め、紡ぎ合わせた詩的な風景画を描いています。それは留学のために自国台湾を長期間離れたホワンが故郷を想い、改めて外界(社会)と自己との関係を見つめなおしたことによって生まれた心象風景です。描き留めた何冊ものスケッチブックをもとにしながら過去と現在を行き来し見落としてしまいがちな小さな事物を捉え画面に重なって表れるそのイメージは、柔らかな色彩と質感、筆の痕跡によって独特の世界を創り出します。視点によって変化するその風景は私たちにどこか懐かしさと心地よさを感じさせます。近年の展示に「 ダスト‧オブ‧マインド」( nca | nichido contemporary art 、東京、2017)、「 Sound Talks: Local Soundscape Collecting Project 」(Hong-Gah Museum、台北、2021)、 「 川面から昇る夢」( nca | nichido contemporary art 、東京、2021)など。国立台湾美術館に作品が収蔵されている。



近年的重要展覽:「窗外風景」( nca | nichido contemporary art 、東京、2023)、「Dust of Mind」( nca | nichido contemporary art 、東京、2017)、「 聲響談:在地音景採集計畫」(鳳甲美術館、台北、2021),黃品玲的作品亦受到國立台灣美術館、藝術銀行等單會收藏。

”Drawing is a form of probing. And the first generic impulse to draw derives from the human need to search, to plot points, to place things and to place oneself.”                     

                                             -Bento’ s sketchbook by John Berger


Painting is a form of remembering. Every work includes a specific moment. They record those unforgettable or vague fragments, representing the unspeakable thoughts and emotions in the form of landscape. Painting is a way to communicate with myself, a medium to bridge reality and imagination. Taking painting as a way to carry memory and imagination, I endeavor to create landscapes that allow the spirit to wander, whilst trying to locate and find a place for myself during the process.


-John Berger《班托的素描簿》




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